Calmont Wire and Cable manufactures custom wire and custom cable for medical, aerospace, military,robotics, computers, telecommunications and other precision applications requiring custom design.Calmont specializes in ultra-flexible and ultra-miniature wire and cable
Meeting your cable and wire needs
Published on March 10, 2010 By calmont In Consumer Issues


Our world is advancing in all technology and medicine is reaching new heights. With the advancements in such things we depend on cables and wires are extremely important for such the medical field, the military and in everyday use for things like cell phones, computers, games and there accessories. We need more lightweight cables that strip easily and can fit in to tight places. Flexible wire and flexible cable may be required in just about anything. Flexible cables and wires are in high demand for minimally invasive surgeries. With the use of cables and tiny video cameras, doctors can use the tiniest of incisions in order to look inside the body and perform complicated procedures. Now surgeries do not require dangerously large incisions, but only one that is a half-inch to one inch long, thus allowing for much quicker recovery time for the patient.

Calmont Wire & Cable manufactures precision wire and cable for critical applications that require only the highest performance. When working with medical cable, used for patient monitoring and other medical applications, it is important to maintain high quality. Medical cable has to be able to withstand normal wear and tear damage, high abrasion, temperature and high tension. Most medical cables have an abrasion resistant jacket that provides low surface friction and durability. Calmont is dedicated to custom-making what fits your needs best because medical cable assemblies must comply with a variety of regulatory requirements and quality standards. They will custom make your cables.

Military cables must be highly reliable in an abusive environment. Calmont offers a line of cables made with high temperature, aerospace grade insulation designed for a very long life in the harsh military environment. Even if they have never supplied a specific type of cable you are looking for they dedicate themselves to perfecting the craft so you get exactly what you asked for. It is important to them to have the highest in quality and satisfied customers who keep coming back. So they provide the best in any cable and or wire in your industry. They will custom make your wire and cable be efficient and durable.

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